Maximise your marketing budget with Blocks, the agile alternative to monthly retainers.

Does your monthly retainer feel more like a monthly restrainer?

Still not getting the value, service and flexibility you desperately need in order to deliver your marketing strategy?

3 powerful reasons to change the way you work:

Retainers are rigid

It’s essential that you have the freedom to flex your marketing and creative as you need. It makes no sense to get locked into an inflexible agency retainer for a year or more.

Value for money

You don’t always have requirements to justify a fixed monthly fee. And because you’re tied in you end up findings things for your agency to do to feel you are getting value for money but still end up feeling short-changed.

Retainers lead to complacency

Everything started on a positive note but over time the relationship changes. Scheduling conflicts and endless rounds of approvals and amends can quickly eat up your agency’s hours with no accountability.

So what’s the alternative?

BLOCKS from StudioLWD are blocks of hours that can be used for all our in house design and marketing services including:

  • Campaign creative and assets
  • Brochures
  • Social Tiles
  • Whitepapers
  • Emailers
  • Advertising
  • Exhibition design

Blocks are flexible

From brochure designs to campaign assets, it’s all included. Get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Blocks are responsive

Send us your brief and within four hours we will let you know when your job is booked in for, how long it will take and how many hour blocks you have left.

Blocks are easy to manage

Pay as you go with no time limit. Prices start from £750 +VAT for 10 hours. Stay in control of your budget with ease.

Let’s discuss how blocks can help your business