Blockchain and cryptocurrency are divisive subjects. While some camps believe they’ll change the world, others are cynical. So, what role does branding play in the blockchain world? In a challenging landscape, how can blockchain businesses harness the power of branding to see the success they crave?

Read on for five qualities of an impactful blockchain brand.

1. Storytelling

There are different types of brand, and understanding where yours fits is key to having an impact.

With so much uncertainty and doubt surrounding the blockchain, one way of demonstrating authenticity (which 86% of consumers crave) is by embracing the power of storytelling for your business. 

Story-led brands like Apple focus less on the technicalities and more on storytelling and vision. Customers feel part of the brand’s story because they buy into its history and purpose.

Why are you different? What makes you stand out and inspires customers to choose you over competitors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world?

Not every brand can be story-led, so this isn’t necessarily the right route for all blockchain firms. However, if there’s a captivating story behind your brand, it’s time to draw this out and use it to your advantage.

2. Customer focus 

For any business, branding comes down to one central principle: it’s not about you, it’s about your customer (or investor).

What is their why? What is their enemy, and how does your brand keep it at bay? We touched on storytelling, and this has a crucial role to play in communicating your customers’ “why”.

What’s in it for them? Rather than focusing on the technology and your innovation, delve deeply into what motivates your customer. 

When you figure this out during your branding experience, it becomes much easier to build a marketing strategy with your ideal customer’s needs and ambitions at its core. And once you’ve nailed this, everything falls into place and you start to see the results you want.

3. Emotion

Taking a customer-centric approach to your business, its image, and message means focusing on the emotions at play.

Don’t just tell your customer you’re the best option, make them feel it on a deep, personal, emotional and intellectual level.

Research by Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman revealed we form memories of an experience based on the emotions we feel. And the same goes for your audience’s experience of your business.  

Understanding your audience on a profound level holds the key here – when you put yourself in their mindset, you’ll discover how to tap into their deepest fears and passions through your branding and marketing.

4. Quality

In a risk-rich industry like the blockchain, customers and investors seek out a level of quality to assure them of a company’s professionalism and allay their cautions around cryptocurrencies.

You’re offering a quality experience to your customers and investors, so your image needs to match up to that. If not, your audience will feel a disconnect and look elsewhere.

And while branding is about so much more than the visual assets, like your logo, pitch decks, or social media graphics, it’s a vital part of the jigsaw that makes up the outside world’s perception of your business.

Investing in professional branding shows you mean business and assures potential customers and investors that they’re choosing a premium brand. 

5. Consistency

The rule of seven began in traditional marketing to refer to how many times your audience needs to hear your message before they buy.

Today, there are so many more opportunities for audiences to experience your brand. Does this mean the rule of seven no longer applies? The jury’s still out, but one thing’s for sure.

With a multitude of touchpoints for your brand to influence your customer or investor, consistency is key to being memorable and impactful.

When you undergo a full branding exercise, the resulting assets will project that consistency you need to make a powerful impression on your target audience. And it’s this consistency that leads to the tangible results you’re working towards, like growth, investment, audience acquisition, and sales.

How to create a powerful blockchain brand

Is your blockchain business hitting all five of these critical qualities? If not, now’s the time to address it to get you on track for the growth you want to see.

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