Today we will take a deep dive into what a brand voice is and why it is so important. Businesses use their voice as a tool to portray their unique character. It should reflect you as a company and be identifiable by your audience.

Imagine you are having a conversation with your company. How would they communicate? Would they be witty and full of confidence or more serious and reserved? 

Why does it matter? 

Your brand voice is so important because it affects the way you are seen by your customers. It should be authentic whilst representing your unique value proposition. You will find it easier to gain loyal customers if you leave a good first impression and they like how you come across. 

Also, it allows you to create consistency throughout your communication materials. Your potential customers are more likely to engage and get to know your brand if they enjoy your content. It also looks more professional to keep your brand voice consistent across platforms. 

If an audience feels like they connect with and trust a brand, they are much more likely to make a purchase. So, it is very important to speak their language to create a loyal customer base. You must also take into account how you are going to continue engaging with existing customers.

Brand Voice vs Brand Personality

A brand personality is created by selecting several human characteristics which make up the brand. This includes interests and beliefs. 

Brand personality plays an important role in the brand voice strategy.

Three different elements are combined to create a brand voice; brand personality, brand positioning and brand image.

These three concepts are combined to produce authentic copy which resonates with your customers. 

Examples of successful brand voice


Coca-cola evoke happiness through their positive and friendly personality.

Coca-cola brand voice


Mailchimp speaks to their customers in a way that is professional and formal but not snobbish. They also use dry humour and a conversational writing style to connect with their audience.

Mailchimp tone of voice


Apple communicates with their customers in an elegant and simple way. This also coincides with their product design and marketing material designs.

Apple brand voice


In conclusion, successful brands invest in creating a perfect brand voice to create brand loyalty. A consistent voice will help customers to identify with your brand. Therefore, investing in this will help you stand out from the crowd and meet your business goals. 

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