A strong brand leads to many benefits such as PR opportunities, awareness and customer loyalty. Creating a well known brand isn’t only for large global companies, smaller businesses can become recognisable by branding themselves in an interesting way. Investing in creating a memorable brand will provide returns for your business for years to come. Also, a smart brand will help you stand out from the competition, therefore boosting organic traffic and reducing your need to spend on paid social media advertising. If you are a marketeer or business owner wondering how you can reach more potential customers, read on for some key tips…

Perfect your tone of voice

Successful brands speak in the language of their customers. The way you speak affects the way audiences perceive your brand. The more authentic your brand sounds, the more your audience will believe you. Tone of voice isn’t all about what you say, it is about the way you say it. Don’t try to be something you’re not, it is easy to see when a brand is being inauthentic. It is so important to be open and honest in order to gain the trust of your customers.

Don’t follow the crowd

Your brand needs to be unique in multiple ways. Firstly, your brand’s visual identity should stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of customers. It is a good idea to develop a unique logo, distinct colours, and typography not frequently used by your competitors. You should also have your target audience in mind when creating your brand identity. The product or service that you offer should be different from your competitors, giving customers a reason to pick you. Lastly, your brand story should connect with your target audience and clearly explain your mission.

Stay consistent

A brand that is consistent across the board feels much more professional and creates a memorable experience for your customers. Ensure that you use the same language, look and feel across all marketing and communication channels. By keeping your brand coherent across the business, you will communicate a much stronger, memorable message. Use brand guidelines to share with people who work on your brand to make everything consistent. This will include details on the brand colours, typography and much more.

Use social media to your advantage

Be active on social media by posting frequently and interacting with your followers. Build relationships with your customers, hold giveaways, share their posts. Consistently use your defined tone of voice and personality which is unique to you, to better connect with your audience. Nobody connects with a voice that sounds artificial or robotic.

Build a community

Following on from the previous step, the ultimate way to create a memorable brand is by building a community. You want your audience to bond together, with your brand becoming an integral part of their lives (think Apple, Gymshark, Airbnb). The easiest way to do this is through social media and online groups. It is key that your community has a foundation of passion, and not everything is all about selling your brand.


To become a household name, you can’t simply fit in with the crowd. Be brave and create a unique brand that will grab the attention of your audience. Make an effort to connect with your audience to leave a lasting impression. 

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