Your brand identity is extremely important to show your audience what you represent and what you stand for. 

If your brand isn’t hitting the mark, your company will struggle to generate enquiries that you can convert into paying clients and you can end up being “just another supplier” who blends into the crowd. Growth rates plateau and gaining new clients becomes even tougher in an already competitive marketplace.

A strong brand identity that represents who you are and what you do will undoubtedly contribute to you achieving even better results in the future. 

However, the question we’re often asked is how do you know it’s time for a re-brand?

Whether you are the Company Director or Marketing Manager, it is worth looking out for these key alarm bells…

Your customers are unclear of what you do

A weak brand can lead to confusion for your audiences. Good branding should encapsulate what you do as a business and who you do it for. A strong brand encapsulates what you do, how you do it and who you do it for. As your business evolves, your brand should develop with it. Your communications should clearly reflect what you offer whilst speaking your audience’s language so they feel like they belong to your community.

You’re finding it harder to attract the top talent

You want the best people to be super keen to work with you and help your company flourish. If people perceive your company as boring or generic, people won’t be in a rush to apply. Does your brand have the kudos to attract and retain the right people? If not, you need to create an identity that appeals. This includes working on your brand culture to ensure you make it clear that you are a company that is going places.

Your offering has changed since you first branded

As your business grows, there’s a good chance that your product offering will change as you find your position in the marketplace. Growth often attracts new audiences, so your brand must keep up and reflect who you are. Your customers should connect with your brand image, so you need to do your research and find out what works best.

You have noticed a fall in sales

A regular competitor check is key when building a strong brand. If your brand appears weak compared to others offering the same product or service, you may notice that you are losing customers to your competitors. Does your brand stand out? If not, or  you and your competitors are starting to look like clones, a rebrand may be on the cards.

You don’t feel excited by your current brand

If you don’t feel excited by your brand, chances are your customers don’t either. You need to try and create a meaningful brand that your audience connects with. Also, seek out the opinions of your colleagues or employees. If you get a luke-warm response and they don’t seem passionate, it could mean that your company culture needs improvement.

You’re attracting the wrong customers

If your customers aren’t who you had in mind, your branding may be behind the customer profile. This could mean that there is a misalignment between your brand identity and what you offer. You need to ask yourself if it is working for your business and these customers. Your brand identity should be targeted to engage with the right kind of people.

Is it time for a change?

So, if you’re unsure about whether your brand is a good representation of the business and stands you out amongst competitors, then a rebrand may be on the cards for you.

Investing in some smart branding can bring huge benefits to your business over time.

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