Although design is subjective, there are a few key elements that can turn a good logo into a great logo.

Be distinctive
Check out the competition and make sure you don’t develop something too similar. Dare to be different and express your brand identity. remember, this will help to build brand recognition.

Keep things simple
Yes, you want to stand out but you don’t want to go overboard. A great logo should be simple, not busy and cluttered. Overcomplicated designs tend to turn people off a brand rather than pull them towards it.

Make it memorable
You don’t need to over-design your logo to make it iconic. Some of the most recognizable brands in the world have the most simple logos. The most recognisable company logos in the world are Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and Adidas.

Think how simple they are: Apple uses an apple, Nike uses a tick, while Coca-Cola spells its name out using a simple font on a simple background. Usually, the simplest ideas become the most timeless.

Visual Elements of a Great Logo


There is an endless number of fonts to choose from. Pick a font that is easy to read and fits in with the look and feel of your brand. Consistency is key. If you aren’t sure who your brand is, you need to work on your brand identity first.

Follow the principles of choosing something clean and simple. So, stay away from fonts like Comic Sans, Times New Roman, or anything complex.

For font inspiration visit:


Don’t get carried away with too many colours for your logo. Try and stick with two that are complementary.

It can feel overwhelming choosing colours, so think about who you want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand. For example, if your brand identity is focused on luxury and ambition, you may want to choose a purple palette. It also helps to think about what gender your audience are. Research shows that men prefer bold colors; women favor softer hues.

Whatever colour you choose to go with your primary colour should never clash with it. If you’re stuck, use this colour palette generator:

Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is how you arrange shapes, lines and text to guide the person looking at your logo. Getting this right can require some expertise. Hiring a branding company to create a strong visual hierarchy for your logo is worth the investment. There’s a lot of information a good logo must communicate. So, if you’re unfamiliar with design, you should save time, money, and resources by hiring an expert to do it for you.

White Space

Negative space or white space is essential to balance your logo. White space is simply the parts of your logo design that have no content. Removing unnecessary elements and replacing them with white space creates a timeless effect.  It really is so important to keep your logo design simple. A logo with fewer elements is so much more effective.

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